The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) questionnaire provides a highly insightful framework for individual and group development, provoking self-awareness by looking at how a person perceives the world and how they prefer to interact with others. The MBTI sorts people into psychological “types” so that they can identify how they are similar to some people and different to others and how they can improve their working and personal relationships in a positive and constructive way.

It improves work by its easy to grasp, insightful and thought provoking way of promoting all differences as positive. For organisations, it is the world’s most popular personality assessment. For individuals, the chance to explore how they relate to the world can be life changing.

This tool works best in:

  • Leadership and developmentMBTI
  • Development at all levels
  • Conflict management
  • Line manager coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Relationships with stakeholders
  • Stress management
  • Interpersonal skills development
  • Career transition and planning

MBTI Indicator


"Undertaking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator gave me a real understanding of my preferences. It really helped me to understand the types of work and clients I had most difficulty with and what I needed to do to understand them better. I just feel so much more in control now I understand what's going on."