Psychometric tools

There are many psychometric tools that can be really effective for use in recruitment and / or development and guidance. In addition to MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), Inkling offers:

  • 360°Appraisal. Staff receive structured feedback in the form of a report on areas of their work from their own managers, peers, subordinates and customers – whoever you choose to be of most benefit. Inkling can manage the entire process of 360° appraisal using 360° appraisal manager. 360° Manager uses a framework comprising 9 broad competency groups that, through international research, have been found to be important areas influencing individual and organisational performance. You can also select your own company or job specific competencies in addition to, or in replace of these competencies.
  • Personality and Values Assessments : Fifteen Factor Questionnaire, Occupational Personality Profile, Values and Motives Inventory, Sales Preference Inventory.
  • Aptitude and Ability Tests: Graduate Reasoning, Clerical Test battery, Critical Reasoning, Technical Test Battery, Abstract Reasoning.
  • Development and Guidance Tests: Jung Type Indicator, Occupational Interest Profile, Learning Styles Inventory.