Student Support in HE training

We have been successfully delivering training in Student Support at Manchester University for nearly three years with phenomenal results. Its part of our mission to create a happy, well balanced and fully functioning workforce for the future. The programme gives staff an insight into core psychological competencies, a knowledge and raised awareness of the student journey and of supporting services inside and outside of the institution.

Students at college or University sometimes get into difficulty. This could be because of financial reasons, personal/emotional difficulties, challenges with study or just because it’s a whole new journey they are embarking on. Staff in and around the institution are often the first point of contact for students in this situation but are often at a loss as to what to do or say.

Student Support also involves encouraging the student along their journey where no problems exist, ensuring consistency of approach and putting steps in place to prevent issues arising in the first place.

Our programme is entirely flexible. It can can be run as a ready made course for your institution (broken down into short workshop sessions, whole day training or a series of events) or we could help you develop a more integrated approach, tailored to suit your needs and bringing in the expertise you already have in-house.

Take a look at the brochure and get in touch.

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How we empower

Development Programme

The Student Support training programme looks at how
institutions can provide support to students wherever they
come into contact with the institution. Staff can be trained
to perform specialist support roles or develop the skills as an
adjunct to an existing role in ....

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